El año pasado por agua (Chueca & Valverde)

Ana María Iriarte, Gerardo Monreal, Carlos S. Luque. Coro Cantores de Madrid y Orquesta Sinfónica, c. Indalecio Cisneros
Novoson Z-545
Columbia BS 7186 [cassette tape only]

Chueca's brilliant, satirical revista was written after the wettest year on record in the capital, when for once water was not in short supply. Currently it is in short supply itself, though copies of the Columbia tape version of the Alhambra LP are still to be found in Madrid stores. The performance is a delight, with Iriarte at her blowsy best and Monreal giving stirling comedy support in the delicious Mazurka de los paraguas. Luque's name is not mentioned in the inadequate documentation, but his lacrymose Inquisitor deserves a positive mention.

This is a gem of the repertoire, and it's a pity that the "official" Novoson CD from LP sounds so appallingly bad, as if transferred from a dim radio recording, complete with clicks. The old Columbia cassette tape sounds much superior, though that is now hard to come by. The coupling there is the complete El pobre valbuena, though Novoson choose to place it on CD with El bateo.