Château Margaux (Caballero)

Pilar Lorengar, Gerardo Monreal. Orquesta Sinfónica, c. Benito Lauret
Columbia BC 3532 [LP, nla]

Although briefly available on a badly transferred Homokord CD (swiftly withdrawn for copyright reasons) this 1950's version of one of Caballero's earlier successes still languishes in BMG's archive vault. A pity, for this is a delectable score, souffle-light, and the performance too is wittily turned. Lorengar's delivery of the heroine's catchy Vals in praise of Chateau Margaux wine is justly famed, and altogether this version would be hard for any newcomer to match. A toast to its speedy reappearance!

[Still the case, as the 2010 Novoson CD reissue only gives us the torso of the score, with the Preludio and José's canción omitted in error.]