La legió d'honor (Martínez Valls)

Juan Rosich, Carmen Valor, Albert Cosin, Sofia Vergè, Joan Barrabés. c. Antonio Capdevila
Blue Moon BMCD 7506 / or / Aria 1024 [extracts]

Francesca Callao, Carme Rigolfas, Eduard Gimenez, Manuel Ausensi, Didac Monjo. Orquesta Sinfónica c. Rafael Ferrer
Columbia SCE 908 [LP, nla]

Martínez Valls's second most popular sarsuela has not stood the test of time so well as Cançó d'amor i de guerra. In the continued absence of the old and rare Alhambra LP set, the brief Blue Moon extracts, well sung by Rosich and other leading Catalan singers of the 1930's, are the only viable option.