El mal de amores (Serrano)

Isabel Rivas, Maria Uriz, Cecilia Fondevila, Ramon Contreras, Dalmacio Gonzalez. Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona, c. García Navarro
BMG Alhambra WD 74554

Cora Raga, Trini Avellí, Antonio Palacios, marcos Redondo. c. Pascual Godés
Blue Moon 7543 [highlights]

Despite its baleful title this one-act sainete was one of Serrano's lighter works, a short sainete portraying differing aspects of love. Navarro's team offer the whole score, slightly more than the 1933 historic highlights under Godés, and the modern recording is one of the very best from this source. Not a score to expand our appreciation of this composer greatly, but pleasant listening all the same.

Having said which, there are good reasons for acquiring the Blue Moon all-Serrano issue containing a selection of four numbers - and not just for the fascinating couplings, extracts from La mala sombra and the posthumous Golondrina de Madrid.